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Posts for: June, 2016

By Melvin D. Bullock MD
June 28, 2016
Tags: Capsule Endoscopy  

Gastrointestinal issues, while sometimes simple and easily treatable problems, can be the sign of a more complex condition. About 60 Capsule Endoscopymillion Americans live with a digestive disease. Luckily, capsule endoscopy can help your doctor determine the cause of your gastrointestinal issues. Find out more about capsule endoscopy with help from Roswell, GA gastroenterologist Dr. Melvin D. Bullock.

What is capsule endoscopy? 
Capsule endoscopy is a medical procedure which uses a tiny camera to visually see abnormalities in the digestive tract. The patient swallows the camera, which lies within a vitamin-sized capsule. As it moves through the digestive tract, the camera captures images which transmit to a recorder. Unlike traditional endoscopy, which uses a long tube passed through the mouth and into the digestive tract, capsule endoscopy allows your doctor to get a good look at your small intestine, which is hard to reach using traditional methods.

What can capsule endoscopy do for me? 
Doctors use capsule endoscopy for many reasons, including:

  • diagnosing cancer
  • diagnosing inflammatory bowel diseases
  • diagnosing celiac disease
  • screen for polyps
  • follow ups for imagining methods
  • investigate the source of gastrointestinal bleeding

Capsule Endoscopy in Roswell, GA
The capsule endoscopy procedure requires some preparation work. Before undergoing this procedure, you should avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 12 hours. Your doctor will let you know if you should stop taking certain medications. During the capsule endoscopy, your doctor places patches with antennas on your body. These antennas send the pictures from the camera to the receiver, which you wear on a belt around your waist. With the receiver in place, you swallow the capsule and may go about your day as normal. The process takes about eight hours until you see the camera capsule in the toilet after a bowel movement.

For more information on capsule endoscopy and what it can do for you, please contact Dr. Melvin D. Bullock in Roswell, GA. Call (770) 442-5882 to schedule your appointment for an examination today!