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By Melvin D. Bullock MD
November 02, 2017
Tags: colorectal cancer  

What can you do to help prevent colon cancer with the help of your Roswell doctor?cancer

According to the American Society For Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, about 150,000 cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed every year and that approximately 50,000 people die from the disease. These figures are alarming, but your Roswell, GA, gastroenterologist has advice.

Things to Know About Cancer:

  • There's this notion that man are more susceptible to colorectal cancer than women. This is false, however. Both men and women should begin getting cancer screenings and checkups staring at 50-years-old.
  • A colonoscopy is a 45-minute exam that needs a mild sedative so you are comfortable. The doctor inserts a thin tube into your rectum so that he has a better view of your colon. You should also have other tests conducted, like a stool blood test and a flexible sigmoidoscopy.
  • Colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the USA, but the American Society For Gastrointestinal Endoscopy states that an "increased awareness and screening would save at least 30,000 lives each year."
  • If your doctor detects polyps, which are growths in the colon, it is probably best to speak to your doctor about having them removed. Removing them may reduce your chance of developing cancer.

A Healthy Diet:
According to the Johns Hopkins Medicine Colorectal Cancer, here are a few things that can help prevent cancer:

  • Eating brightly-colored fruits and vegetables, as well as incorporating fresh fish into your diet about 1-3 times a week
  • Red meat is something you may want to eat less of, as well as reducing the amount of salt and saturated fats in your diet.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits like chewing tobacco or smoking and maintain a healthy weight by staying active.

For more information or to consult your Roswell, GA, physician, call Dr. Melvin Bullock's office today. You shouldn't ignore your health!